Behavior Is Learned From Your Environment Essay

Behavior Is Learned From Your Environment Essay

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Originally a psychologist was thought of as scientists studying human behavior until around 1930-40. The behaviorist approach discusses and shows evidence of how humans and animals develop specific behaviors (McLeod, S. 2013). Behavior is learned from your environment. We can condition ourselves to react certain ways to certain things just as our parents do as they toilet train us, teach us to eat with silverware or even dress ourselves. According to behaviorists dysfunctional behavior is learned, so depression is in fact learned. Just as we learn phobias, language, aggression and addiction. (RASHMI NEMADE, PH.D., NATALIE STAATS REISS, PH.D., AND MARK DOMBECK, PH.D. (2007, September 19). So with depression being something we learn, we can then learn to unlearn it and retrain ourselves. Depression is something we learn from our environment and lack of reinforcement. For me, I want to pass my class because if not then I get a bad grade that didn’t work toward my degree and I have the Veteran Affairs saying they over paid me with the GI Bill and they want their money back. So for me the positive reinforcement for doing my work is to pass the class and get paid from Veteran Affairs as opposed to owing them. I am learning to do my work from this. So if someone were to constantly be told they were not good enough, they were too fat, too skinny, too stupid or not smart enough they would learn to believe it. If they receive punishments for something they did or did not do wrong instead of a positive or negative reinforcement, they would learn through that as well. Just as a dog would learn to pee outside through positive reinforcement as opposed to spanking him every time he goes to the bathroom on the floor in the house. This can also h...

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...y taper off, this is a huge improvement on the individuals well-being.
Regular exercise can:
Regular exercise has been proven to:
• Reduces stress
• Boosts your self-esteem
• Better and longer sleep
• It helps increase your energy levels vs feeling lethargic all the time.
• Helps support current injuries and alleviates some if not most pain
• It helps reduce body fat so that you aren’t depressed from the extra weight.

Exercise is effective for treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, obesity and many injuries (Exercise and Depression: Endorphins, Reducing Stress, and More. (n.d.)). I myself have been recommended by my chiropractor and physical therapist to strengthen my core for issues with my low back and other injuries. You should always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any program, change in medication or adding in vitamins.

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