Behavior is Based on Our Surroundings Essay

Behavior is Based on Our Surroundings Essay

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Behavioral approach in psychology states that its study is based on the belief that behaviour is controlled by our surroundings. Behavioural approach was seen as a method that was essential because it rejected the ideas of unconscious mind and only used strict experimental methods to study observable behaviour. Psychodynamic is the way in which it was believed that there are forces that drive people to behave the way they do and it that mental forces mostly the unconscious ones personality and emotions and this approach was founded by Sigmund Freud. The main difference between the two methods is the way in which the information is gathered. Behaviourist perspective is based on observing and this contributes much in understanding of why people do the things they do.
Behaviourist do not deny that the mind has effect on behaviour but they refuse to study it because it is not observable behaviour and they say that behaviour can be predicted events regardless of anything invisible that might be going on in the mind. The psychodynamic studies are said to be based on assumptions and speculations and it is mentioned that they have assumptions about the psychodynamic forces and they use them to calculate behaviour and they cannot demonstrate that the observable changes in behaviour are characteristic to forces they claim to influence behaviour. The behavioural approach states that behaviour is learned they say that human beings are born with their mind blank and the effects of the surroundings and who they interact with determines who they are. Behaviorists used strict laboratory experiments to carry out their studies; these experiments were usually done on animals such as rats and pigeons.
They did the experiments using animals becaus...

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...urture into explanation made this theory important because it focused on both for example the Freud’s theory on childhood focused on nurture and the personality elements that’s the id, ego and superego focused on nature. One of the weakness of the psychodynamic is that it is considered by most people falsifiable theory because it cannot be scientifically proven wrong or right for example it states that the mind is split into three that has not been proved scientifically.
The similarities of psychodynamic and behavioural studies is that there are the most common frameworks for psychotherapeutic treatments. They are both psychotherapy ways that have been used to help people with mental diseases or even dealing with stressful situations. Both types of therapy have proven that they effective helping people learn to deal with mental illness and difficult situations.

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