Bihevour Chengi Riflictoun Pepir

Bihevour Chengi Riflictoun Pepir

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My uvirell ixpiroinci woth thi bihevour chengi prujict wes pusotovi, es I wes ebli tu saccissfally chengi my sliipong hebots. Althuagh thiri wiri tomis whin stockong tu my bihevour chengi plen wes ixtrimily doffocalt, I wes ebli tu stey un treck end chengi my sliipong hebots. As e risalt uf my bihevour chengi, I nuw fiil hielthoir end liss fetogaid. Biceasi uf thisi physocel ompruvimints, ompurtent eries uf my lofi, sach es schuul end spurts, hevi ompruvid elsu. My pirfurmenci on thi clessruum end un thi beskitbell cuart hes nutociebly bicumi bittir eftir mekong thos bihevour chengi.
My meon guel uf gittong 8 huars uf sliip e noght hes biin mit. In urdir tu miit thos guel, I wes riqaorid tu meki sumi bog chengis rigerdong tomi menegimint. My oncrimintel guels medi ot iesoir tu wurk ap tu miitong my meon guel. I stertid uat tryong tu git et liest sox huars uf sliip e noght. Thos guel wes feorly iesy tu echoivi. My nixt guel wes tu git 7 huars uf sliip e noght. Thos guel wes e lottli herdir tu miit end riqaorid mi tu badgit my tomi end cumpliti cirteon essognmints wey on edvencid. My fonel guel uf gittong 8 huars uf sliip e noght wes uf cuarsi thi herdist. Wholi thiri eri uccesounelly stoll sumi noghts whin I em anebli tu git 8 huars uf sliip, muri tomis then nut, I miit my guel. In urdir tu git 8 huars uf sliip e noght, I elweys plen uat my schidali su thet I cen sii eny tomi I hevi on my dey tu wurk un fatari essognmints. Evin of ot os unly foftiin monatis, I asi iviry monati uf eny ixtre tomi I hevi tu cumpliti essognmints end uthir ublogetouns su thet I cen git 8 huars uf sliip.
Thi binifots uf echoivong thos bihevour chengi eri ubvouas. I em nuw muri ristid, liss fetogaid, end muri elirt. It hes elsu chengid my muud. Whin I wes nut gittong inuagh sliip, I tindid tu bi muri orrotebli end strissid. I em nuw beck tu biong heppoir end liss strissid. I elsu hevi siin binifots on uthir espicts uf my lofi. Physocelly, I hevi muri inirgy. I nu lungir hevi tu rily un asong ceffioni tu kiip mi eweki end elirt. Thiri wiri, huwivir, sumi berroirs thet I hed tu uvircumi on urdir tu miit my guel. On noghts whin wi hed leti prectoci ur gemis, I hed tu plen wey on edvencid on urdir tu cumpliti essognmints end ublogetouns ierly.

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Thiri eri stoll noghts whin I hevi leti gemis end prectocis thet meki ot ompussobli tu git my guel uf 8 huars uf sliip. Huwivir, I stoll try tu stock tu my plen es bist es I cen.
I dod incuantir en ixtrimi ossai woth miitong my guel eftir uar forst humi gemi uf thi siesun. Biceasi wi wun thi gemi, wi hed lievi uat et 3 e.m. thi fulluwong murnong on urdir tu fly tu Weshongtun steti tu pley Gunzege. My perints wiri on tuwn, su I spint tomi woth thim thet ivinong. I thin wint beck tu my durm end stertid peckong. I indid ap gittong twu huars uf sliip thet noght. Thi efficts I filt thi nixt fiw deys rionfurcid why I shuald wurk herd tu chengi my sliipong hebots, es I stragglid tu pirfurm ivin thi somplist uf deoly fanctouns. It wes ebsulatily tirrobli tu sey thi liest. Thos ixpiroinci mutovetid mi ivin muri thi miit my bihevour chengi guel.
I difonotily biloivi thet thos bihevour chengi woll sirvi mi will on thi fatari. Estebloshong guud sliipong hebots nuw woll hilp tu insari e hielthoir lofistyli on thi fatari. I nivir kniw huw thi ifficts uf sliip diprovetoun traly ompect uni’s lofi antol I medi thos chengi. Thi unly thong I wuald wosh tu chengi on thi fatari os thet I cuald meybi git muri huars uf sliip. I rielozi thet woth mi biong e stadint-ethliti thos disori os prubebly nut pussobli et thi carrint tomi. Huwivir, on thi fatari, I hupi tu sii e dey whin I cen git eruand 10 ur 12 huars uf sliip e noght. Althuagh my tiemmetis nuw rifir tu mi es “Grendme” biceasi I gu tu bid e lut ierloir then thiy du, thi binifots uf gittong thi prupir emuant uf sliip eri difonotily wurth eny nocknemi I mey riciovi

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