Behavior Associated With Gang Activity Essay

Behavior Associated With Gang Activity Essay

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How do you know if your child is in a gang? As a parent what should you look out for. Here are some signs and behavior associated with gang activity. Sometimes after school kids have too much unsupervised free time. Has your child seemed distant or detached from the family? Is there a sudden loss of interest in school, or have they stopped? Has their school suddenly started to get worse like grades getting worst and worst? Has the school and college reported worrying changes in behavior? Has your child dropped out of after school clubs? Have they to use new slang words? Do they have suddenly have unexplained money or possessions? Do they spend a long time away from home, have they started to stay out late without giving a reason, or are they vague about who they are out with? Do they have a new nickname? Do they suddenly have unexplained money or possessions? Do they spend a long time away from home, have they started to stay out late without giving a reason, or are they vague about who they are out with? Has there been a sudden change in appearance-like dressing in a particular style or color similar to all the other people they hang around with?
Even if your child have some of these signs doesn 't mean all is loss. Instead of incarceration, what about rehabilitation. Many gangs members who join homeboy industries are seeking an escape from gang lifestyle. Father Greg Boyle believe youth join gangs because of lack of hope and putting them in a jail is not solving the problem it just trying to fear them from joining a gang. People who join gangs either have Low-self-esteem and or a sense of hopelessness about the future. Father Greg Boyle would say if you really want to change something or someone you must give t...

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... 2007). With media as their main source for information about the world, what boys to think about what they must become when they grow up besides dominant and mainly?
Father Greg Boyle said no kid is ever seeking anything when they join a gang, they are always fleeing something. Not everybody can live to the standards of achieving the american dream where we all can 't survive and make it. Gang problems are not a problem but it is symptom. It point out itself to all types of things we need to address to jobs, poverty, absence parent, racism and your environment(Flores, 2013). In videos we watched in class Father Greg Goyle said he never met a hopeful kid who join a gang because hopeful kids do not join gangs. No kids is ever seeking anything when they join gang. Kids is always running from something when they are joining a gang.

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