The Behavior As Ethical Or Unethical Essay

The Behavior As Ethical Or Unethical Essay

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Life is all about people making decisions and solving problems. It’s impossible to go throughout life without ever having to come up with a game plan to overcome a particular situation. Oftentimes, little if any thought goes into choice selection and sometimes decisions are made without serious contemplation of potential alternatives and their consequences (Sikula, and Andrew, 2015). Although individuals are all faced with a tough situation from time to time, the response to the problem will define the behavior as ethical or unethical. Ethics are principles that define what’s “right” and “wrong” and in place to protect civil and human rights. It is imperative that all professionals that have a direct influence on other individuals, behave in an ethical way to make sure the welfare and protection of those that are seeking help or any type of service in not compromised.
There are several reasons that an individual would make or justify making an unethical decision such as ignorance, meaning they are naïve about the standards that 's expected from them in the profession, they could be uneducated on the practicing of ethical behavior , or even irresponsible which includes but is not limited to inattention to detail or mediocre work in general (Koocher and Keith-Spiegel, 2008). I believe that one common reason for unethical decision-making among practicing psychologist is due to their incompetence.
According to Koocher and Spiegel (2008), misconduct of mental health professionals due to incompetence arises from an inability to do services rendered. There may be outside factors that are contributing to the psychologist incompetence such as emotional disturbances and in some cases maybe even drugs. However, the leading cause ...

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...esponsible for not taking reasonable precautions (Koocher and Keith-Spiegel 2005).
I believe that continued education and training on ways to manage and overcome feelings of incompetence could be beneficial. Here real scenarios from earlier cases or cases experienced by the participants could be examined. Once the situation explained, the instructor would ask how each person would react, feel, and what would be some consequences. Finally, the instructor could suggest some coping mechanisms to reduce personal feelings of incompetence. Education and training would also be beneficial in solving the issue of inadequate anticipation. Therapists should know and understand that even a minimal chance of something happening is still a chance and that precautions should still be taken. Maybe even finding a more cost-effective way of handling things could be considered.

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