Behavior And Performance Is Shaped By Other People Essay

Behavior And Performance Is Shaped By Other People Essay

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This essay will examine the idea that our behaviour and performance is shaped by other people. When discussing other people, this generally refers to people close to us, such as family and friends, or those in authority, such as teachers or doctors. This discussion will draw on how behaviour can be shaped by friends and peers, and how the factors influencing friendship can differ cross-culturally. It will then go on to discuss how a person’s behaviour may be influenced by those in authority. Finally, this essay will look at how memory performance can be manipulated by others.

Other people, such as friends and peers, can be a source of influence on another person’s behaviour. For younger children, the primary source of influence on their behaviour comes from their parents and family. However, as they progress into later childhood, this influence is replaced by friends and peers, who become an important base of support. Friends and peers can have both positive and negative effects on a child’s behaviour; for instance, how well they perform at school, their clothing choice, or the uptake of smoking. McLeod et al. (2008, cited in Brownlow, 2012) examined the impact of friends on adolescents’ smoking behaviour. McLeod et al. interviewed fourteen pairs of identical twins; within each pair, one smoked and one didn’t. McLeod et al. found that the smoking status of the friendship groups of each twin imitated whether they smoked or not. When interviewing the twins, McLeod et al. found that the smokers explained their behaviour as a result of social acceptance and values they wanted to portray, i.e. rebelliousness. In addition, McLeod et al. found that only a minority of smokers discussed their behaviour as a result of peer pressure. Theref...

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...the ‘hit’ condition. When explaining their findings, they suggested that the original memory of seeing the event and the post-event information acquired can combine to produce an incorrect recall of memory. Therefore, this research demonstrates that memory performance can be influenced, through questions posed by others.

To summarise, there is strong evidence to suggest that human behaviour and performance are influenced by other people, including those in authority, friends and peers, and questions posed by others. However, other evidence suggests that others factors play a role. In addition to people, other external influences, such as the wider culture and context people are in, can shape who they are. Overall, this argument demonstrates that, to an extent, human behaviour and performance is shaped by other people, together with a contribution of other factors.

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