Behavior and Cognitive Intervention Programs in America Essay

Behavior and Cognitive Intervention Programs in America Essay

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Site Visit Report
A student enrolled with an online learning institution is taking a class, and the learning materials are on effective models of helping. An assignment required each student to visit a place of his or her choice, such as a hospital, women’s shelter, halfway house, or the human services department of a company to learn about which behavior or cognitive-behavioral techniques or programs are used. One student chose to visit a halfway house and a women’s community residence rehabilitation center, when one thought the first option was not willing to give enough information, or know if the worker knew what was asked of him. This document will give a brief description on what one has learned from each facility pertaining to behavior and cognitive interventions practiced for the individuals which each facility assists.
Program Population and Participants
The first site visit was to a worker at a local halfway house. One would never know this facility operated as a halfway house, unless one knew the area and some of the individuals, which only men are residing there. The program is populated by individuals released from prison early with either no place to go or his home plan was not approved for the place where he wanted to go. This program deals with those offenders, who were incarcerated on drug charges, for using, and abusing to selling drugs. One did not gain much information, so the next visit was to a women’s community residence rehabilitation center of Tarzan Treatment Center of Long Beach, California. At this particular house only women reside there. The program provides services to women who have mental health issues and drug addictions. “We are a non-profit, community-based organization that oper...

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... feelings about the program are positive. One believes it is a sad thought to wonder if the organization will be able to receive funding to continue to help support the mental health with whatever behavior tool of theory used. One believes the funding from the first site visit should be taken away and given to a much more needed organization.

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