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Behavior Analysis Plan Explanation Essay

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Behavior Analysis Plan Explanation
Student: Sarah
Grade: 4th grade
Description of the Individual: She is nine years old and she comes from a middle class Caucasian family. She is normal height and weight for her age. According to the benchmarks and last year’s CRCT, she is performing at a typical fourth grade level.
Behavior Problem or Issue: When the student is asked to do something that she does not want to do such as completing morning work she will fall to the floor, scream, and throw a temper tantrum. This occurs daily. Tantrums were mild at the beginning of the school year and featured things such as pouting and stomping feet, but they have escalated to the full extent and now include screaming and flailing on the ground. This lasts around five minutes or until assistance has arrived. She is then removed to the hallway. The principal, vice principal, or guidance counselor conferences with her and sends her back in when she has calmed down. Once she is presented with another task she refuses to do, she will begin the cycle again.
Outlying or Special Considerations: She is one of four children and the mother is expecting another baby at the winter break. Sarah is the youngest until the baby comes.
Correlation to Classroom Management: This student knows the procedures and follows them until the point in time comes that she dislikes the task. The behavior occurs more often during reading and writing. She does not like to read or write about what she has read. The student knows the general classroom procedures and follows them willingly until the moment she dislikes the task. Then she displays her inappropriate behavior. Procedures for how to express dislike have not been officially taught so even though the student knows ...

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...tures serve as reminders to the student to follow the self calming sequence when needed.
Along with this program, the student should also have a physical signal to use in order to tell her teacher that she needs to go and calm down.

Using a system such as a chart mover (TKT p. 121 and 155), in the shape of something she likes such as a unicorn may help her control her anger and outbursts. The concept here is that she will get to color in one area of her chart for each time she responds to an unlikable task appropriately or when it has been apparent that she has taken the appropriate steps to self correct her behavior.

When the student completes a chart mover, she should then be rewarded by a trip to a spinner (TKT p. 120 and 143). The spinner should contain things and activities she likes such as colorful erasers, free time on the computer, or a homework pass.

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