Behavior Adjustment Of Children With Learning Disabilities Essay

Behavior Adjustment Of Children With Learning Disabilities Essay

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Behaviour adjustment was conceived following Achenbach’s (1991) conceptualization, which divided maladaptive functioning into two categories of disorders: Internalizing maladjustment includes loneliness, anxiety, shyness, and social withdrawal, whereas externalizing maladjustment includes hyperactivity, aggression, and antisocial disorders. Learning disability studies indicate that these children provide evidence for socio-emotional difficulties of an internalizing and externalizing nature (Al-Yagon & Mikulincer, 2004; Culbertson, 1998, Dyson, 2003). As mentioned earlier, however, most of present research on learning disabilities focuses on the internal neurological contributors of children and rarely examines parental contributors to explaining behavioural problems.
Parental Concerns
In interviews of parents of children with learning disabilities, parental involvement was a common theme that appeared, indicating the need for instruction in the home of all the families. One parent stated “If you’re not willing and have the ability as well, to help them at home with their work, they are not going to make the same gains as a child whose parents can and do.” Certain aspects of roles became prevalent, including commitment, ability, frustration, perseverance and time. Parents showed a sense of frustration with the educators and schools in charge of their children, suggesting that they should not have to do the extra things they are required to do at home, as it is the job of the teacher to be their educator in terms of academics. The issue of educators not being able to acknowledge and cope with children’s learning disabilities in the right way was highly present. Both positive and negative experiences were noted, positive being with ...

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...nd SOC) and the family level (mothers’ and fathers’ emotional resources), which lead to the explanations of internalizing and externalizing socio-emotional functioning in children with learning disabilities. Furthermore, we also examined children’s own SOC and their attachment relationships with mothers as mediator variables in explaining these children’s well-adjusted functioning. The research on parents’ affect and attachment focuses primarily on mothers rather than fathers (Campbell, 2003). The explanation of variations in socio-emotional adjustment among children with learning disabilities are missing the aspect of further discussing the relevance of fathers’ characteristics (Hastings, 2003, Saloviita et al, 2003). The mixed findings on the link between fathers’ emotional resources and children’s socio-emotional functioning also call for additional exploration.

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