Essay on Before The Americans With Disabilities Act

Essay on Before The Americans With Disabilities Act

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Before the Americans with Disabilities Act
The United States of America has a variety of diseases, injuries, and an innate problem that makes a person who has these problems unable to work, learn, or be treated the same as the termed normal person. Disabilities can create hardship for both the one disabled and the disabled’s family, and society before the 1990’s rendered the disabled and their families even more. To change the disabled, parents made their child test experiments to change their disabilities. The unfair treatment against the disabled created a spark in between them, that made them revolt against the government, who then created the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Disability comes in any shape or form; yet, the discrimination shown towards disabled people still is the same. The definition of disabilities varies; however, each definition is in the end alike. Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia defines “disability, [as] any condition (physical, sensory, or mental) which impairs a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks” (1). Even if one was to have a slight delay they are still to be considered as disabled. Before today’s somewhat accepting government, it became hard for those with any sort of disabilities to find work. Longmore reported “in May 1935 six unemployed six unemployed young adults demanded to see the director of New York’s Emergency Relief Bureau [, when] told he was unavailable they announced that they would wait… staging an eleven-day sit in” (1). After the sit-in on 1935 there came additional sit-ins over the years. When there were labor shortages, something unbelievable happened. Longmore reported that “labor shortages of World War II changed everything… adults with disabilities formally sai...

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... it impossible for him to learn certain subjects because the seizures give him memory loss, ADHD, and autistic behavior. If it was not for the government and their agencies we would become swarmed with debt. The ADA protects people similar to my brother and people like him from discrimination.
Disabled people have worked hard for their freedom. Sadly even though laws like Americans with Disabilities Act cleared up some of the discrimination towards disabled, there is still plenty of discrimination that may make disabled people feel uncomfortable about their bodies. Unlike before, disabled people can have jobs, homes, and easier transportation. The unfair treatment against disabled people created a spark, that then lead to the stop of discrimination. Life was hard for the disabled, but the creation of Americans with Disabilities Act changed the rest of their lives.

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