Essay about Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata: A Story of Passion

Essay about Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata: A Story of Passion

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Das Leidenschaft auf dem Mondes

The Passion of the Moon
Das Leidenschaft auf dem Mondes (The Passion of the Moon)
The piano sits peacefully near the corner, its rich mahogany wood reflecting the bright moonlight streaming in from the rooms only open window. The rest of the chamber lies shrouded in shadows, hiding the plush carpet, embellished furniture, and the expensive artwork hanging on the wall. Somewhere out the window an owl hoots her wisdom into the night.
The door slowly creaks open and a tall, dark figure slips into the room. He leans against the wall and runs his fingers through his wild hair in a vain attempt to straighten it. The man pushes off the wall, slowly walks over to the moonlit piano, and slouches onto the piano bench, his head in his hands. The moon’s beams stream through the gaps in fingers creating lines of light and darkness, giving him the appearance of a prisoner peering out of the bars in a prison cell. Unfortunately, he is a prisoner, bound by the chains in his own heart.
Ludwig van Beethoven is in love. She is far above his social class and much younger than him, but that does not stop Beethoven from pursuing her. Beethoven fondly thinks of her curly, dark brown hair that falls to just below her shoulders, framing high cheekbones and the deep blue eyes that he longs to get lost in. He sighs deeply and rises, walking over to the window. There he stands, gazing out at the moon, its pock-marked surface reflected in his eyes. Beethoven turns away from the window and slowly begins pacing around the room.
"I'm in love with a 16 year old. What's wrong with me?" he whispers to himself as he walks.
After many laps around the room, he sits down on the piano ...

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