Essay on Bees And Its Effects On The World

Essay on Bees And Its Effects On The World

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In the past decade, a new insect has come under attack. With another year of alarming low loses the Western Honey Bee is seriously becoming a contender for the endangered list. Beekeepers are now reporting more losses in the summer than the winter. The small and sometimes annoying insects are a vital part of our world. As humans, we scream, run and swing at most of the bees we come into closer connect with. Instead, humans should try to understand the average bee, finding out what 's causing their numbers to take such a dramatic drop and take action to insure that the busy insects are around for hundreds of more years
Bees are flying insects that are closely related to wasps and ants. They are known for their role in pollination and their production of honey. Scientists refer to them by their scientific name Anthophila. Bees have short lifespans a single Early Bumblebee worker lives only 28 days. However, some species like the Western Honey Bee can live up to 10 months.Each species has three types of bees: workers, drones and the Queen. The queen and workers are all females. However, the queen 's only job is to lay eggs, while the workers are the ones that store pollen and nectar to feed the colony. They also take care of the offspring. The drones, who are all males, only have one job to mate with the queen. Pollen is an important part of a bee 's diet. Bees collect it by stuffing pollen into hairy receptacles on their hind legs called corbiculae. A single bee has been observed carrying about half her own body weight in pollen.
Bees are responsible for a third of everything we consume and are an influential part of our planet’s ecosystems. Some 80% of the crops we eat over 400 types of plants- rely on insects t...

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...of pollen and nectar.
Bees are some of the hardest working insects on the planet. They contribute to thrid of the earth food supply and have proven to be a species the world would suffer without. The leading causes for their dramatic decrease in population is mainly the fault of humans. We have destroyed their habitats, created pesticides that kill hundred of thousands of them every year and have failed to come up with a stipulation for the alarming drop in their numbers. The government is starting to wake up and is starting to try to find a way to improve the bee population. Until they find an overall situation there are little things every community can do, promote the use of organic pesticides, preserve the parks, try to limit expansion into the forest and plant gardens. Doing these simple things will help protect the world’s hardest working pollinator.

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