Essay Beecher Stowe And The Civil War

Essay Beecher Stowe And The Civil War

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It is apparent that America was headed for great division and civil rivalry as a result of the just ended civil war. Fellow countrymen never trusted each other and perceived one another as potential rivals and thus enemies (Belasco 13). There was an impending need to reconcile all the communities in American and to once gin re-assure them that despite their stance with regard to the just ended civil war, the unity of America as a nation depended on their cooperation, unity and collective involvement in building their nation. Two individuals, who all happened to be poets, Beecher Stowe and Whitman stood out as key ambassadors that helped reconcile Americans after the civil war. Despite their common goal, Beecher Stowe and Whitman had different opinions with respect to the prevailing situation and their differences are what actually builds the major theme of this paper. These are individuals who helped restore trust and hope in one another among the Americans, irrespective of their individual stands during the civil war.
According to the existing literature, Beecher Stowe was born in a wealthy family, and was sufficiently educated with regard to the existing education standards. She is often remembered for her famous literary work “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, a novel that featured the tragedy of African slaves, and how simple actions of love, compassion and care for one another could bring about reconciliation and forgiveness between the exploited and their exploiters (Wolseley 34). In this novel, Tom stands out as an exemplary character, which at the point of his death, is compassionate to forgive those responsible for his death, an act that makes his killers turn to devout Christians. This novel resolves around family love, and goes ahea...

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...equently bred hatred between such superior individuals and the oppressed (Belasco 16). The contributions of these two great artists thus helped bring back normalcy in America and once again demonstrated the need for all Americans to peacefully accommodate one another. These feeling eventually became the message of hope that moved from ne village to another within America and as a result, helped perpetuate peace, love and harmony amongst all Americans.
The aftermath of the American civil war was evident especially from the numerous subdivisions that existed within the broad society. The efforts of artists such as Beecher Stowe and Walt Whitman should be greatly lauded for they helped initiated the reconciliation process that eventually yielded a peaceful and harmonious America, where the citizens restored the initial trust in one another and co-existed peacefully.

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