Essay about Becomming a Christian Teacher

Essay about Becomming a Christian Teacher

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My first teaching experience was in a Christian school. In retrospect, I recognize that I taught in the same secular way as I had been taught when I was a public school student. What dictates the focus of the classroom is the degree to which the teacher reflects on their teaching and seeks to teach from a Christian world view. Van Brummelen (2009) notes that, "Christian teachers, in both public and Christian schools, often accept common approaches to curriculum without reviewing their world view roots. As a result, their teaching does not fully reflect Biblical views of knowledge, persons, and values." (p. 67).
I am currently teaching in a Christian school and see how my focus on getting my students ready for the Advanced Placement exams has become a priority that replaces Christ in the classroom. I also recognize that I operate under a traditionalist teaching framework that does not modify instruction to fit the unique God given character of each student. Van Brummelen (2009) reminded me that, "Traditionalists often fail to have students unfold and interpret knowledge in ways that reflect the diversity of the unique students in their classrooms." (p. 71). I must take the unique God created personality of each of my students into consideration. If I view each student as uniquely and wonderfully made in the image of God, I will be having a Christ like influence on both my secular and Christian students.
Van Brummelen (2009) describes how, "Biblical love must also characterize the classroom itself. Teachers are attentive to the needs of their students. They are charitable persons who give students meaningful responsibilities in a setting where they nurture respect and support." (p. 76). My experience ...

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