Essay on Becoming Visible On Linkedin : A Group Member Of The Industry

Essay on Becoming Visible On Linkedin : A Group Member Of The Industry

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Here’s some other ways to become visible on LinkedIn.

Engage the Groups

By now, you should have joined groups in your industry, now is the time to contribute. Being a member of the industry, you’re bound to have an opinion on industry matters, feel free to share them with others. Look for topics with a lot of comments and have your say.

You can also respond to other people’s comments if you feel your response can add value to the conversation.

If you are consistent with commenting and sharing, the LinkedIn platform places you on a leader board of sorts, ‘recognizing’ you as one of the Top influencers on a weekly basis. This ‘social proof’ can help sway group members’ perception of you as a thought leader.
Note that if your posting frequency declines, so does your ‘standing.’ Remember the leader board is updated weekly, if your posting frequency falls off, so do you.

To avoid this, focus on building a dedicated following and funnel them into your other marketing channels.

One way to do this right is through content marketing. On LinkedIn, just any content won’t do. First off, you can’t bamboozle other industry pros, plus posting crappy content will quickly get you the SWAM ban.

To attract people to your network, you have to show you have some value to add. A little preparation in the form of research into topics that have resonated, garnered the most comments and shares will let you gauge what the groups are passionate about. Knowing this will help when you start your creating content and sparking discussions.

Content Creation

Attracting the ideal audience is down to the quality of content you create. Remember folks on LinkedIn are a clued-in and industry-savvy bunch; they spend time here to find content that’s useful to t...

... middle of paper ... extension can even have its own followers and status updates.

Using Sponsored Updates

For first-time publishers with no followers, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates will deliver your company updates to the feeds of users. Sponsored Updates allow you deliver articles, infographics, PDFs and videos to millions of users, depending on your budget.

This can quickly help you drive engagement, build a list of followers and subscribers.

As part of a broader marketing strategy, using LinkedIn is an invaluable piece. Call it advanced blogging, call it social media marketing, just understand the power of this platform to reach an already-interested demographic. Don’t be so wary of it that you never do anything with the info you have.

Let Search & More show your business new ways to use ‘old’ marketing. Contact us for a social media audit, marketing plan or just to talk shop.

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