Becoming The Master Of Intense Flavor Essay

Becoming The Master Of Intense Flavor Essay

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Become the Master of Intense Flavor

McIlhenny Company Tabasco Sauce 's ad catches a person 's eye with a picture of a shiny, full bottle of vibrant, red Tabasco sauce, and it is staged to the left of the page. Within seconds, the eyes move upward to see a crisp, white chef hat on the head of the bottle. As the eyes move downward, you notice there is a white label fixed to the bottle with green and red logos. Behind the Tabasco sauce bottle is a clean, silver unused whisk. The ad background generates a gradient from a faded black to a reflective, gray surface, and the bottle is contained in a bright, white aura surrounding its whole surface area. At the neck of the bottle to the right, the bright, white slogans “The Ultimate Flavor Enhancer” and “Bringing great taste to food since 1868” appears centered in the page. The bottom text gives a telephone number and website information to search a complete database of recipes. Everyday home and professional cooks alike, find this product appealing due to the company convincing its audience to use this product to boost the flavor...

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