Becoming Members Of Society : Learning The Social Meanings Of Gender Essay

Becoming Members Of Society : Learning The Social Meanings Of Gender Essay

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Are gender role behaviors a social construct that everyone must follow? Must we believe in these set of concrete beliefs and not in ourselves? In today’s society, gender role behaviors constrict teenage boys’ expression of themselves, and instead they act in a way that is expected by society. As a result, teenage boys are pressured to act towards women a certain way, believe certain genders have certain behaviors, and believe the idea that genders must dress a certain way. With this structured mindset, aren 't all teenage boys suffering from an identity crisis?
In Devor’s article, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the social Meanings of Gender” one can better understand how society has a big impact on how gender is perceived. Understanding gender roles in society is complex because everyone perceives it differently and have their own set of beliefs on the topic (Devor 1). Devor’s article challenges the reader to understand the true meaning behind gender, and how people learn about it differently (Devor 2-3). His work also sheds light on why different gender roles are hard for people to accept, due to the way they were brought up, and the culture they are surrounded by (Devor 8). With the belief that gender role behaviors are concrete, teenage boys believe that they must act according to their gender.
The idea that teenage boys should act a certain way towards females is usually instilled in them at a young age. According to Devor, “ Femininity must be expressed through modes of… action which communicate weakness, dependency, ineffectualness, availability for sexual or emotional service, and sensitivity to the needs of others” (Devor 6-7). In other words, men have to place women on a lower pedestal because of a woman’s so call...

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...der roles through the eyes of society. People believe that they can’t change the gender roles, but in actuality it is possible. Once they are able to go outside of the box, people will understand that these gender norms and characteristics are not set in stone. In today’s society, it is evident that it’s difficult for people to go outside the box and explore different gender norms and characteristics. It is mainly difficult for people because they are used to living by societal expectations, and are not willing to accept change right away. With due time, it will be noticeable that most people won’t live by societal expectations, and actually live their lives. It is important for any kid growing up, to understand that gender behavior roles is not something that is concrete. Gender roles will change over the course of time and people will be able to express themselves.

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