Becoming An International Business Development Consultant Essay

Becoming An International Business Development Consultant Essay

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My dream since I was young in school had been to become a firefighter or a paramedic, but as time rolled on I realized my success and love for math was growing. I love to work with numbers and people. I feel like becoming an International Business Development Consultant would be the perfect job for me because it would allow me to interact with different people from around the world and travel the world while at the same time doing a job I love. To become this in the future I must graduate college with Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics. The job outlook for me looks very positive for me thankfully. Most of the job openings I have researched have required the languages of Spanish and English, which are my two languages that I can speak fluently. As time goes on, job openings for this field are becoming more and more because less people are applying for them mostly because of the lack of a second language. The global economy revolves around the United States so as long as the economy in the United States continues to be stable and continue to build friendships with countries around the world; more jobs will become available. What I liked so much about the job is that you basically are on your own schedule and you have the freedom to explore ways to have the people you’re dealing with to buy into your company’s ideas. Most importantly, I love that I will most likely not even sweat at this job I will be relaxing in my office with nice cool air. After the research on this job it created me to become even more interested and motivated me more in school. I mean who wouldn’t like to possibly make about $90,000 - $120,00 yearly right out of the door.
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...other has always told me it’s not mostly about what you know but about who you know. I have proven that multiple times and have heard that from multiple people. I believe that the more people you know, the more likely you are to have a door opened for you. That’s why internships are so important because if they you are doing a good job and you create a relationship with whoever you’re doing the internship with, it will be so much easier for you to get the job there or at other companies where he or she might know people and can put in a good word for you. He has also advised me that I make great relationships with people at school because you never know when that person could be an important person of a business and you might be needed of a job and so if you have a great relationship with them, this could cause you to have a great possibility to get a job with them.

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