Essay on Becoming An Early Childhood Educator

Essay on Becoming An Early Childhood Educator

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Just like Rawlings had once said, “I am able to make a significant impact on the lives of children and families that use this setting” (128). This can be true for those who have the passion and want to change lives, but how does someone change a life on another human being? Does it start from becoming a fireman, a policeman, or even a doctor? These are all great ways to change a life, but this writer is going to talk about how becoming an Early Childhood Educator can change the life of a child. Working with children at a young age can be a great challenge, but having the feeling of success makes all the difficulties disappear.
Becoming a teacher in general isn’t easy, it requires hard work, dedication, and motivation. That’s the beauty in changing lives. Some find becoming a teacher a calling to them when they first start college or even high school. While other students don’t realize they even want to become teacher when suddenly they have the dedication for working with children. Early Childhood Education is an occupation that offers multiple steps, programs, and interaction in a classroom.
Early Childhood Education consists of working with children from birth up to the third-grade level. This occupation contains many fields like a Preschool teacher, a Kindergarten teacher, or First through Third grade teacher. In each of these field there are some requirements in education whether it’s just a high school degree or even a bachelor’s. Some states may require a teacher to have some form of license, certification, registration, and/or higher degree. Along with having an educational background a teacher also needs to have skills when working with children. Some skills that are needed is communication, creativity, interpersonal, o...

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...e. Early childhood is considered of having may types of fields that tie into it.
Some examples of different fields are a Special Ed Teacher which means a person who works with student who are considered handicapped. The requirements to work in this field is either having a Bachelor’s degree with extra training with children that are handicapped or becoming qualified in special education. Another is Bilingual Teacher; this teacher works with children that are limited to speaking English that need the extra help. To be quailed for this position is holding twenty- four credit hours in bilingual/ bicultural courses, student teaching or a year of full-time teaching services in the related field. Of course, being able to speak and write English would also need to be required. Along with the many types of fields there are also different types of programs that are offered.

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