Essay on Becoming A University Is An Influential Force On Campus

Essay on Becoming A University Is An Influential Force On Campus

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One way to determine whether or not someone is influential towards a university is to look at the type of impact they have made. This could be through dedicated teachings, being well versed in many areas, whether that be in one college or the university as a whole, and having done research on a plethora of different topics, but also having that research be widely accepted. When weighing all of these factors one person comes to mind, that person is Amy W Ando. Amy has gone above and beyond any expectation the university has of a single professor and represents what it truly means to be an influential force on campus.
To be able to put forth this type of effort you must have a solid foundation, something Amy is nothing short of. She began her academic journey in Williamstown, Massachusetts at an institution by the name of Williams College. Williams College is a very prestigious school, ranking number one in National Liberal Arts Colleges (us news). Amy would go on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in economics in 1990 which would bring her one step closer Illinois. Most people would be satisfied by this degree at a highly applauded college but not for Amy. Once she graduated from Williams College, she took her talents to Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) to work towards a Ph.D. in economics. MIT is one of the leading universities in the art of economics, rolling out well trained students each year. When Amy received her Ph.D. in 1996 she had finally finished her education and was now looking for a job that would help her cultivate all of the knowledge she had received at these two schools.
Practically right after she graduated from MIT, Resources for The Future hired her as a Fellow. “Resources for the Future (RFF) is an ind...

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... they receive money. This simple fact makes anyone who does research on this campus a valuable asset. Especially someone who has done 106 research papers and continues to work on behalf of the University.
The University of Illinois thrives when its faculty are not only accomplished, but committed to enhancing the University. There is no other professor that does this task better than Amy Ando. Through her years of studies to sleepless nights researching a new topic. Amy Ando is devoted to the betterment of the University of Illinois and that is why I believe she is an influential figure on this campus, and someone who’s value grows every day she is on the job. Whether it is through her research that provides the University money or her classes where she teaches young bright minds, Amy Ando’s impact on the University of Illinois is unmeasurable and irreplaceable.

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