Becoming A Transfer Student, Women 's Rights Became Extremely Essay

Becoming A Transfer Student, Women 's Rights Became Extremely Essay

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On my journey to becoming a transfer student, women 's rights became extremely
important to me. My own personal experiences, including the courses I took and
blogs I read, changed the way I view gender roles.

When I came home from Marymount Manhattan College after deciding to transfer
schools, I returned to a truth I had yet to face. It was one that was building
for years like rising water threatening to flood. I wasn 't overwhelmed or even
particularly emotional about the impending divorce of my parents. That made
sense to me. My sister and I were of age, and there were no vicious custody
battles to be had. It was mutual. I was already imagining life post-lawyers,
post-paperwork and signatures. I imagined time with my dad and time with my
mom, and believed both could coexist harmoniously. Divorce happens, I told
myself, and it was not going to be a sad or tragic thing in my life.

As time went on, however, I realized the divorce would not be as amicable as I
originally thought. One particular memory stands out to me. I am in my room,
hushed and still. I have my ear pressed to the door, and in the pauses between
shouting all I hear is the sound of my own breathing. I listen to my dad yell
at my mom, asking her why she doesn 't put on a "sexy nightie" for her husband
once in a while. In the seconds that follow it appears there is nothing to
listen to, but I know I 'm hearing stunned silence.

He knows I 'm upstairs, but he doesn 't know my image of him is changing or that
somehow I am changing too. It was not just the demeaning, objectifying words
that were said, but the way he said them. It didn 't sound impulsive; his voice
was frigid. It wasn 't lashing out, and these weren 't words he would regret or
apologize for later. The f...

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...e. During our class
discussions and conversations with my professor, I realized I was passionate
about these issues and wanted to talk more about them. Through a major in
English, I am hoping to read and write more about the unheard female

Simply put, I want to live in a world that respects women for their
intelligence, creativity, intuition, and humanity - not just a world that
praises them for cooking, cleaning, raising children and wearing lingerie.
While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, I feel it should be up
to women to decide what they want in their life; society should not dictate
them to fill any one role, and they should have the freedom to be whoever they
want. After what my mother and I went through together, I was able to
take a bad experience and turn it into a positive interest that continues to
fuel my desire to write today.

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