Becoming A Successful Student Is Not Be Easy For Some As Essay

Becoming A Successful Student Is Not Be Easy For Some As Essay

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Getting an education, might not be easy for some as, for others. In the book, Back to School: Who We Are: Portraits from an Urban Community College, Mike Rose discusses the struggles an urban students face, the benefits of being a privilege student, and how students are being taught. He states that many students have difficulties, which makes it harder for them to focus on school when they have other problems to deal with. Although many students struggle with achieving a career, they know that everyone needs to make scarifies to be able to accomplish their goals. However, the most important key to become a successful student is being motivated, everything that we do require motivation. Often time, people don’t have the motivation to success in life, which it only harms them. Rose, discusses that there are several qualities to become successful in college; success comes from the journey taken or the path chosen. As for myself, I enjoy school, although I’m currently not attending school full time, since I have to work full time, go to school, and take care of my daughter. It’s not easy going to school, when you have other important priority such as – working for my family.
Not every student has the same privilege, as benefiting from an education. There are students who are lucky enough to say that they have extra help when need it. As Rose notes, “these two boys are learning a lot at home that is directly related to academic success, and their parents – and the people they hired – provide an entire program of (technologically rich)”, these boys are more than lucky when it comes to needing extra help they have every helping hand that they need (p.87). There are some who have every type of support, while others have no type of suppor...

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... out of school for no reason they would get kicked out of school.
Success in education is not based on brain capacity, it all depends on study skills develops from practice through time. As for myself, I need to spend more time focusing on school by setting my goals. I learned that it’s important to set goals to be able to accomplished things. Certain study practices that I need to develop to become successful – use an appointment book, be an active reader, know my learning style, takes notes, participate, and organize my study materials. If would keep all my deadline assignment, test dates on appointment book, I would be procrastinating or missing assignments. When reading it important highlight, make notes, and understand what their reading. Learned that everyone learns different, everyone needs to develop their own techniques and strategies to become successful.

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