Becoming A Successful Adult : No Worth Destroys Someone 's Self Esteem Essay

Becoming A Successful Adult : No Worth Destroys Someone 's Self Esteem Essay

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Being looked at with no worth destroys someone 's self-esteem. These children in the low-income neighborhoods aren’t respected as the other kids in higher-class neighborhoods. Getting involved in drugs, crime along with receiving welfare is a social norm in this type of population. Me going to college as well as continuing my education inspired my relatives who are sophomore and juniors in high school, to push forward their education, taking it to the next level. When a person who desires for more, breaks that social norm. Despite the fact that, this will not diminish the stereotype, it is an example for the other children in this society. Breaking this norm is important due to the fact that as a Hispanic teenager going through college and taking the step necessary to become a successful adult. You are introduced to many discriminations and judgment’s diminishing a lack of confidence, which could potentially cause one to give up. A Hispanic from a low-income neighborhood can become a doctor in the future if he wanted to. His race, including his upbringing doesn’t need to predict his outcome, only his work ethic should.
Hispanics in low-income areas do not have any ambitions in life. They are content with their surroundings also their way of life. That is the stereotype we hear greatly. Growing up in the Bronx, New York the greater surrounding areas involve drugs, crime, along with violence as stated in “The Money” by Junot Díaz “When we returned to Jersey, exhausted, battered, we found our front door unlocked.”(Díaz 913) This is what people in this type of neighborhood, call a social norm, “It’s not like the robbery came as some huge surprise.”(Díaz 913) Making a difference to break the norm is a difficult task to take on when th...

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...him to break that social norm of low-income children experience. Giving him a sense of worth, something he is proud to say when he is older, that he took his education to the next level earning him/herself a degree in a specific field of study.
Making an improvement in his family tree, everyone else will follow. Generations to come will be proud to recognize their own family members becoming successful adults who live in a better neighborhood, who don’t worry about where their source of income will come from due to the fact that they have a steady and reliable job. Putting in the time along with effort to leave what he thought was normal behind. Making the statement true that a Hispanic from a low-income neighborhood can become a doctor in the future if he wanted to. His race, including his upbringing doesn’t need to predict his outcome, only his work ethic should.

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