Essay on Becoming A Social Work At The University Of Southern California

Essay on Becoming A Social Work At The University Of Southern California

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I was born and raised in the diverse city of Los Angeles, California. My major subject for my Bachelors of Science degree is in Sociology with an emphasis in Medical Sociology. My goal in applying to the University of Southern California, School of Social Work is to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to allow me to practice a successful social work profession. I want to work with and help patients within the medical and healthcare settings; I am also interested in the rapidly growing elder geriatric population. Both of these are populations that undergo the need for a lot of emotional, financial, and social support. I hope to one day work in a social services environment where I can provide the adequate support needed to these clients. It is for this reason that I am applying to the graduate program in social work at the University of Southern California.
I have always had a passion for being an individual that is willing to help anyone at anytime and in anyplace regardless of the situation. My peers have often described me as a compassionate, dedicated, and sincere person. Also, for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to help people and give back to people within my community. Therefore, I have always believed that these where the perfect traits for me to enter into a caring profession, such as nursing. As I began my undergraduate career I believed that nursing was the only career that would fulfill my passion of assisting and supporting others. I thought this was the path that I was destined to take because I thought it would allow me to care for the ill and their families.
Little did I know that by my second year studying to be in an undergraduate nursing program I would begin to question my career choices...

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...tion to social work, and statistics. Along with these courses, I have interned and volunteered throughout my community. I have interned at Wise and Healthy Aging and volunteered at The Boys and Girls Club of Carson and Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and I have served as a Mentor to first year commuter students at Mount Saint Mary’s University. From these experiences, I have gained practical experience, which I feel, will contribute to my expected academic and professional growth and success. I expect the graduate work at the University of Southern California to be demanding and challenging but in the end fulfilling. I look forward to the experience from a theoretical, intellectual, and social point of view. I hope to acquire the skills necessary to become a successful medical social worker and I hope to be allowed to do so at the University of Southern California.

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