Becoming A Registered Nurse?

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Becoming a Registered Nurse Saving lives matters. You do not have to be a Doctor or a Police Officer to save a person life. Being a Nurse has greater or equal value in saving someone life. A registered nurse or RN is a person who has graduated with a nursing degree from an accredited college or university, has passed the state board examination and is licensed to practice nursing. It is very important for a person who wants to become a nurse to research the pros and cons of the different areas of nursing. Gender is a big role in nursing, especially when a specific area of interest is chosen by the individual. For instance, women are gentle so they will probably do well with caring for the babies. While the men are physically strong, they are needed in the physical therapy area to help with lifting patients. Being a nurse you must have patience, customer service, being independence, and honesty. I believe that being a nurse will not be an easy task. Becoming a nurse takes hard work and dedication. Being a nurse may be an accomplishment for those that enjoy helping others. It also has great pay and benefits and offers job security for a career. A nurse you must have the knowledge and understanding when it comes to helping others. Customer and personal service is important in nursing because it lets the person that you are helping know that you care about their needs, and you want to meet their standards for service and satisfaction. With customer service you must know how medicine works and certain information and techniques to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases and deformities. This would include knowing the symptoms, treatment alternatives, drug properties and interactions, and preventive health care measures when treating a ... ... middle of paper ... ...ursing filed you will have to make frequent decisions that will affect other people, and the safety precautions that you must use not only when you come in contact with others, but in general when working in a facility that care for patients. Remember to always pay attention to the job detail and that you finish the job thorough. The most important thing is that you have respect for others and integrity because there will be nobody else for you to depend on. Continuing your education in a degree program will provide job security and great benefits, not only for you, but for your family also. A quote I once read said “Nursing is great for so many reasons, but there is one reason that means more than any poll results, amount of money, or job security: Nurses make a difference.” ( Wilson, n.d, para. 14). If you want to make a difference become a nurse.

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