Essay on Becoming A Registered Nurse As A Profession

Essay on Becoming A Registered Nurse As A Profession

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The field of nursing is a career that has intrigued me for years now. It has become a very popular specialty of healthcare to go into each year for many adults. After working in healthcare at Marietta Memorial Hospital, mainly in the emergency department, I have come to the result that I want to make the next step to pursue to become a registered nurse as a profession. My father has been my biggest influence for me to pursue registered nursing as a lifelong career. He passed away this past May from strokes. For the past few years I would help take care of him, make sure he would take his medications, educate him on what would go on, therefore he would not be worried. He always told me that I would make a great nurse one day which always encouraged me to go back to college to get the education I need to become a great nurse for many years. The aspects of registered nursing which makes it an attractive field to go into being the ability to take care of people, the educational aspect, and the numerous specialties of nursing to experience.
The ability to take care of someone when they are at their worst is a fundamental I take with great pride. Being able to take care of people is something that I wanted to do as a job ever since I was a child. When I was a child, my parents bought me a toy doctor kit. My father has been a diabetic for most of his life and I would always give him a checkup with my toys. Thereafter I always said he would be okay. I’ve always been interested in healthcare since I was a young boy because I would be able to take care of people who are ill. Throughout this past year when my father was in the hospital and nursing home, I would learn what was going on with my dad from a medical standpoint; he would not be...

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...y career to the next level.
When I complete nursing school my plan is to become a registered nurse and work at the Marietta Memorial Hospital emergency department where I can help people in the Mid-Ohio Valley that I have lived all my life. After working majority of my medical career in the emergency department so far I enjoy the fast paced environment, every day and every patient is different, and having the chance to help people is why emergency medicine has attracted me since I’ve started working here. The ability to be with patients at their worst, educating them on what is going on, learning something brand new each day to become the best nurse I can be is the best rewarding profession that anyone could cherish. Right now in my life this is the best time to embark on the journey to become a registered nurse starting here at Washington State Community College.

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