Becoming A Professional Athlete : What Do You Do Be When You Grow Up? Essay

Becoming A Professional Athlete : What Do You Do Be When You Grow Up? Essay

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What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the question asked often by many adults of children and young people. Answers vary across the board for some children dreaming of becoming an astronaut to little girls aspiring to become a veterinarian; however, the overwhelming answer of children is to become a professional athlete. Many kids grow up envisioning themselves as the next Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, or even the next David Beckham or Mia Hamm. But how many times do you hear a child say they want to become the next Tiger Woods? The thought of golfing, especially as a child, puts many to sleep. It is uncommon for a young child to fall in love with the sport of golf. Most people take up golf later in life as a hobby, yet for some,it has been their lifelong passion.
Bryan Baumgarten fell in love with the sport of golf the moment he swung a golf club. Bryan’s passion for the sport started when his dad bought him his first set of golf clubs at the age of four. With golf clubs in hand, his dad took him and his brother out to the golf course and Bryan excitedly said “ we got hooked.” With his passion growing every time he went out to play with his dad and his brother, Bryan continued to grow as a golfer. Bryan’s main impetus to play more golf was seeing his brother’s love for the game. He and his brother went out three to four times a week to practice at a golf course thirty minutes from their home.. As Bryan and his brother’s love of golf grew his parents decided to get a family membership at the local golf course and Bryan explained, “When we did that, things started to take off and we started playing everyday.”
What many don’t know about golf is how competitive the sport is, especially at such a young age. The...

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... Bryan took. To be a future college golfer, and hopefully a professional, one needs to start early in childhood. The most shocking aspect of the subculture was the college recruitment. To my surprise colleges and coaches treat golfers as well as football players during the recruitment process. Coaches and their respective colleges go through great lengths to pursue and woo the best golfers for their team. Hearing this aspect really opened my eyes to the seriousness and scale of the competitive golf subculture. There will still be many people who will yawn at the mere mention of golf and personally cannot stand watching it on television. Golf will never be a mainstream sport like football because of this reason. However, it is still important to know that there are many people who devote their life and time every day to pursue their passion of golfing competitively.

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