Becoming A Physician, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Medical Illustrator, And A Radiologist

Becoming A Physician, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Medical Illustrator, And A Radiologist

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Almost every career has many branches or different forms of that job whether it’s higher up or lower. For example: there are multiple things you can do as a cosmetologist. You can do hair, makeup, massages, even remove tattoos. It is the same in the medical field, however, there are so many more. I have been assigned to do this research paper over the careers of a physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer, medical illustrator, and a radiologist.
A physician is someone who practices medicine and treatment of disease, injury, and other impairments. They also go by a Medical Doctor. To become a physician, you have some requirements to take care of. You must have completed at least four years at a college or university. Next, four years of medical school, following a doctor of medicine degree. Also, three to seven years or more of training by a senior physician. Finally, you would be required to attend one to three years of training in a fellowship.
Physicians have a pretty routine day, unless something interferes with their schedule. They would be providing general care to patients, admitting patients that require special care, examining patients, diagnose medical decisions, promoting health education, and carrying out simple procedures. They might also work with other physicians or doctors as part of a team. A day-to-day activity for a physician would be taking notes and preparing paperwork.
A physician 's salary varies on what specific job they have, the health care environment they work for, and their location. A physician for internal medicine makes a salary of $173,845. The family physician makes about $163,143, this would be the physician that your family sees or goes to the majority of the time. General practice physi...

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... radiologist has the highest income. The average income is $372,665 a year and about a monthly rate of $31,055.
I have had multiple x-rays and MRI’s, and being claustrophobic, I didn’t enjoy them very much. Therefore, I couldn’t be a radiologist. I would not be able to make someone lay in a machine if they are uncomfortable. This would not be a job for me.
Every medical career has different branches of work options. Out of the five careers I’ve wrote about, I would most enjoy being a physician. This was not an easy choice by any means, due to being absolutely captivated by every career opportunity. And believe me, there was a lot of different career paths that have to do with the medical field. It becomes even more difficult depending on whether you’re higher or lower in the medical field. This is due to the drastic change in requirements between each position.

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