Essay on Becoming A Physician For Medical Research

Essay on Becoming A Physician For Medical Research

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Becoming a physician of any sort seems like a ton of hard work and dedication, that’s because it is. Going to school your whole life, struggling to bring money to the table while you’re in school and being in debt even after your graduate and start your career seems like it’s not even worth going through. So why do so many people want to become doctors ? Why don’t they just choose another option for a career choice? You have to love what you do in order to be willing to go through all of the obstacles involved. Confucius once said “choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”
People with weak stomachs definitely should rethink becoming a physician. In medical school you have to literally dissect a person, as in a human being. It’s not like they run around killing people for sciences sake. Before some people die they donate their body to science for medical research. Also Learning about the countless ways you can die can make some people paranoid. There are a lot of things that “just happen” in medially that doctors can explain and can prevent and it’s a little scary knowing that millions of things are out to get you. Most doctors and med students are fascinated with science and always wanting to learn something, you have to be amazed with the human body and how it works in order to thrive as a doctor.
One thing that graduating medical students don’t have to worry about any time soon is not being able to find a job. Lots of people are in sort of a panic due to the shortage of medical doctors. So basically all you have to do is to graduate medical school and your basically guaranteed a job. The Washington post said that in 2025 the united states are projected to need more than 90,000 doctors. That’s a...

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...physician, but I still wouldn’t pick another job as a physician due to the freedom.
Your brand. Having a clinic is like having your own business, you can promote yourself, open more clinics, hire and fire nurses and other forms of help. Opening a business is a fascinating idea, plus you get to do it while doing something your love. You can be a business man/woman while taking patients each day.
Becoming part of a big family… family doctors are given that name for a reason, they regularly see the same people over and over and they become family. You become closer the individual and vice versa. In a patient is more comfortable around you then you can treat them better and help them to become healthier. Emergency med is exciting but it lacks one the family part. I could go the ER today and go home tonight and never see that doctor again. There is no follow up with an

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