Essay on Becoming a Pediatrician

Essay on Becoming a Pediatrician

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My career choice is to become a pediatrician. The question is: what makes this job so interesting or fantastic enough to be chosen? This job requires many sacrifices, skills, and strengths to endeavor the obstacles on the way to the goal. This particular job is also a very honorable and noble job in the sense of helping children with their illnesses and ailments. Personally, I love children and I’m always fascinated by their actions and interesting techniques of expressing themselves. Since I am intrigued by the children’s personality I love spending time with them (and that’s why their child-like ways rub off on me). Thus, I believe that my own childish personality and my love of children will motivate me in the near future to help them out with their medical needs. Also, being a pediatrician and helping out children has its own rewards. Not only will I be doing something I enjoy, but I will be getting paid a generous price as well. A pediatrician’s salary is not the highest one compared to surgeons or cardiologists, but it’s enough to have a life that is something more than simply satisfying. Another good aspect of this job is that they only focus on the health of children rather than all of the age groups. An adult and a child are so different they are nearly two different species. If a child is brought to a doctor who specializes in all age groups, the child would not be getting the same kind of attention that he or she would be getting, compared to that from a doctor who specializes only in children. Doctors that specialize in all age groups are used to make quick, rough, and fundamental actions need for the healing of the patient. One does not simply treat a child the same way an adult would be treated. The child would becom...

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