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Becoming A Nurse Essay

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The term role model is defined as someone that is, in essence, a person that others look to as an example. At this time there is no one to be considered as a role model in regards to the endeavors or challenges that have been presented in this past couple of weeks; in regards to the classroom setting. Throughout the journey of becoming a nurse, many individuals will present themselves in the clinical sessions and in the classroom setting as someone that nursing students should look up to as being an ideal nurse.
A motivating factor in the change of paths in regards to careers is Kimberly Hightower. Kimberly is a pediatrician in South Carolina, her determination to take care of the patients that come into her care is truly inspiring. Although not a nurse she definitely has a major part in all ambitions and goals directed to the nursing program. Another driving force is an individual that always has children’s best interest at heart and her name is Tonya Hightower. These two individuals introduced the idea of becoming a nurse and they continued to speak it into existence; as wel...

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