Essay about Becoming A Naval Officer At The United States Military

Essay about Becoming A Naval Officer At The United States Military

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NROTC is a stepping stone for young men and women in college who pursuing a commission in the United States military. Each person has their own gaps analysis starting with their career objectives, then their strengths, followed by obstacles that they need to overcome, as well as expectations and feedback to successfully fulfill their goals. To better prepare myself, I have to reflect each of these steps to successfully accomplish my goals as a college student and as I pursue a commission as a naval officer.
As a college student, I plan to excel and successfully complete all my course work and earn a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I hope to continue on with my goal to become a naval officer, but it first starts with my actions as a student at the University of Oklahoma and will carry on till I graduate from college. Once in the fleet, my career goal is I strive to be a pilot in the United States Navy. However more importantly, I want to become an effective and knowledgeable and respected officer in the U.S. Navy. I chose these two goals because they relate to each other. To be a naval aviator, I have to be a successful by being the top of my class at flight school at the beginning of my naval career. To earn a flight contract later on, I must be a good student in college as a midshipman now.
The second part of my gaps analysis is to talk about my strengths. I put hard work into what I do, dedication and passionate about what I do. This goes from making sure that I understand concepts in the classroom to doing everything I in ROTC that I am asked to do, this is from filling out chits to filling an empty spot in ceremonies when needed. My tenacity and diligence makes me a quick learner. This allows me to learn on the spot and to r...

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...y wrist injury, and anything that the NROTC throws at me. If I am unable to push through challenges then there is nothing that can prevent me from obtaining my goal. Last I am expected to put my best foot forward and to be the best that I can be. This allows me to be a successful as a student and as a midshipman at the University of Oklahoma.
My gaps analysis is a key component on making sure that I am on the right track to successfully accomplish my goals. This includes making sure that I am on the right track with my grades and classes, making sure that I perform well within the unit, learning and working on my weaknesses, and doing what is expected of me to the best of my abilities. For being successful in all of these I will be successful in accomplishing my goals of graduating with a degree in Aerospace engineering and become a pilot in the United States Navy.

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