Becoming A Music Educator As A Career Essay

Becoming A Music Educator As A Career Essay

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Music Education

I’ve chosen to become a Music Educator as a career. I feel that music has had such a great impact on my life that I can give back to the future generations by teaching it. I have a great love for education, so this career is for me.
The basic requirement it takes to become a Music Educator is to receive a bachelor´s degree from a college or a university. Most colleges and universities offer teaching licensure in the state that they are located in. With a bachelor’s degree you can begin teaching at elementary, middle, and high school levels while making around $30,915 - $74,835 a year. You can also pursue a master’s degree in music education. Along with it comes the recognition to be able to teach as a Professor of Music at a college or a university. Those who teach with a master’s degree can make upwards of $48,901 - $54,000 a year, all depending on how many years you’ve been teaching and where your job is located.
A music educator at a high school level is locally known as the school’s band director. A band director is in charge of many things at the high school level, depending on how they want to run their band program. The can include such things as marching and pep band, jazz band, choir, orchestra/concert band, etc.. They are what’s known in the band community as the “gateways to music”, as they teach so many kids over the span of their career. Working as a elementary or a middle school music teacher, you may face students who are picking up their instruments for the very first time, and so are giving them the opportunity to accel and be apart of something that is so much larger than themselves, while having such a great time. If you have a master’s degree and are teaching at the c...

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...t on a daily basis. For those first few years though, on an almost weekly basis during the school year, Miss L was teaching me new things, showing me what different words and markings on the paper meant. She gave me lessons and slowly everything started to fall into place. Fast forward to today, I’m one of the most successful students the band program has ever seen. From Solo & Ensemble contest to marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’ve seen and done so much, all because of band, all because of one decision in the middle of my 6th grade year. A decision that has forever changed my life. It’s because of that impact on my is why I want to become a music teacher. I want to change someone’s life, give them the same opportunities that I was given and see them soar beyond what they are. I have a great love for music and education, so this is the career for me.

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