Essay about Becoming A Mother Through My Mother 's Lessons

Essay about Becoming A Mother Through My Mother 's Lessons

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Becoming A Mother Through My Mother’s Lessons

As a child growing up, there were times I would feel my mother would be out to just make
my life miserable without realizing there were reasons for her strict and overbearing parenting.
The many times I would ask to sleep at a friends house or go to a party and hearing the response,
NO! Would drive me mad and make me become rebellious. However, through our ups and
downs and all our disagreements we made it through with many learning and memorable lessons.
now that I am a mother I understand her ways of parenting and thanks to her many lessons
growing up and the many times she’s comforted me through tough times has formed me into the
mother I am today. During certain times when I feel down or feel like I am losing my patience as
a parent I think back to times when I was a child and try to look through the eyes of my mother
and what she would do.
For the moments I feel that I am losing my patience, I think back to the times my mother
should have lost her temper and didn’t. For instance, when I was around 12 years old I was bored
at home lying on the kitchen floor while my mother tried to cook for everyone. Meanwhile, my
siblings and I bothered her for something and I selfishly cried flailing around about my boredom.
Nowadays, when I think back to that day I see her face differently she wore the expression of a
tired and worn-out woman that was on the verge of tears. Although, while she swiftly ran around
the kitchen she had still made the time to meet all of our needs. As I hear her calm and delicate
voice till this day say, “Heather, what’s the matter?” I remember feeling upset and not knowing
what to do and after telli...

... middle of paper ...

... her perfume as I sobbed in her arms embracing the warm
touch of her tiny frame. I realize now it was her calm, patient, and caring demeanor that made
me open up to her when I felt do wounded inside and I knew she was there to listen and help me
not punish or judge me.
Although, my children are still very young and I still have many obstacles to face as they
grow into young women, however, thanks to mother I feel prepared for these future endeavors.
Ultimately, through these memories has made a substantial impact on my learning process of
being a mother. I have learned to protect, teach my children there are times I need to tell them
no, and most of all I’ve learned to show the love and compassion that my mother gave me
growing up. Therefore, like a teacher, my mother has taught me how to be the best mother I can
be with patience and love.

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