Becoming A More Effective Student Essay

Becoming A More Effective Student Essay

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Becoming A more Effective Student
The United States Department of Education public the data that shows the four-year graduation rate in California State University, Northridge is approximately 14%, the average six-year and eight-year graduation rate is between 44% and 49%, respectively. I can not help but wonder exactly the matter that is holding us back from graduating? How can we face the challenge to learn more and successfully graduate? After my first month of CSUN, I realized that I must sacrifice inclination to be more effective in my academic life, so in order to do this, I have to decide what my priorities are. So how will I become a more effective student and combat the negative factors on becoming successful? The right answer for me is to manage my time, improve my study habits, setting goals or schedule, prioritize and balance our normal life(social, health, entertainment and daily life). I believe that through certainly carry out these things that we would learning in a higher level and getting back on track, thus , hopefully we can graduate in four years.
Before we figure out the solution, we need to find the issue, internal or external factors may cause we failed or stoping us to becoming a effective students. I interviewed 7 senior students at CSUN and mot of them feel that balancing their school life and normal life is one of the most difficult challenge because they lack motivation. But what can we do to fix this problem? First, make sure you are not disturbed when you study. And never procrastinate your plan to study, because every student’s main priority is to study and concentrate on our passion and energy on graduating. Then you need to begin with managing your time. It is need to make a clear, consist...

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...To maintain health we must have a good habits, such as eat right and on time, exercise, get enough sleep, keeping mental health. Must checking ourselves every, control our diet, stress and rest time. Once you feel not good in your body you must find the campus medical resources or go to the hospital. As we all know, a good and healthy body can help us to continue or work and give us the passion,energy and positive effect, thus, we can handle the difficulties in our school life. So don’t to belittle that kind of health matter. Having a clear goals, schedule improvement, prioritize,having a good habits of learning and keep healthy, are indispensable part of being a more effective student. By doing so, we can get more benefits, both have fun and study. In the end, I wish all the students can find their own way to face the university life and get the satisfied results.

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