Becoming A Middle Class Family

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INDIVIDUAL REFLECTIVE ESSAY Introduction Destined to a middle class family, I have a working class qualities and standpoint at the world. I have constantly put stock in passing every one of the hardships and deterrents to reach to my goal. I have always taken after this standard to succeed through different obstacles that came my direction.I am a dedicated individual who has faith in Karma which gives me an uplifting state of mind towards life. I adore the feeling of satisfaction achieved by helping other people and consequently I joined a Leo club in 2012, the largest non-profit organization in the world and have been serving through it since then; presently as the Immediate Past President of the club. I have done my undergraduate degree Bachelors in Business Studies (BBS) a three years degree majoring finance. I have also done a General Banking Course from KFA. While training, I got an opportunity of a bank internship and so I worked in Nepal Investment Bank Ltd as an Intern. After watchful thought, it has turned out to be clear to me that adding to a fruitful vocation in the present day business environment obliges propelled preparing in business and related subjects. The aim of this paper is to discuss the socio-cultural and personal competencies and how critical they are to bring positive changes in the professional, his career, his organization and to the society. Here I discuss two professionals and their socio-cultural competencies. Before going further, it is essential to first know what socio-cultural competency means and what its elements are. Socio-cultural competence describes the knowledge and abilities about the diversity of human existence and behaviour, and thus their perceiving, processing and acting. It is a k... ... middle of paper ... somebody who will never be fulfilled of what I will have get to be. Having done this MBA form Asia Pacific International College, I am confident that I will fill a lot of gaps regarding my socio-cultural competencies, which is fundamental for every professional. Bibliography Editors, B. (2015, September 25). Howard Schultz. Retrieved from The website: Forbes. (2015, September 24). The World 's Billionaires. Retrieved from GOONLINE. (2015, January 8). Goonline News. Retrieved from Goonline News: Magazine, H. (2014). Inspiring Equality And Change. Retrieved from Hope Online:

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