Becoming A Master 's Global Health At Northwestern University Essay examples

Becoming A Master 's Global Health At Northwestern University Essay examples

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I am grateful I have always had access to health services, but sadly during the 18 years I lived in Tijuana, Mexico, I saw many people in that city not have the same opportunity. When I moved to the United States, my idea was to give back to the country where I grew up by providing medical services to underserved communities in this country after finishing medical school. Now, after living for almost eight years in the United States, this plan is still present, but now I have a much more global view of health, and my plan has now changed to provide medical assistance to any place where improving health and achieving equity in health are needed, especially Spanish-speaking countries because of the cultural competence I share with this group.
I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Global Health at Northwestern University, where I have been able to learn about the foundations of global health, the global burden disease, the problems related to access to health and medicines, and much more related to global health. This program has allowed me to learn more about the specific needs each world region needs and has increased my interest in engaging in a global community to address different health disparities. Through different policy briefs, group presentations, lectures, discussion posts, and readings, I have been able to learn more about global health. As my final practicum experience my for master’s program, I will be traveling this October for four weeks to Puerto Escondido, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. My practicum project will consist of interviewing and analyzing the response diabetic women from low-income clinics about their eating habits and the resources they have access to and compare these to their medical records. Being ...

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...ulations and sex workers in the Mexico/Guatemala border, the drug use in these groups, the prevalence and correlation of HIV and STIs among substance user, as well as to learning about endemic diseases such as Chagas. My experience at these two global projects helped me connect what I have learned through my different global health courses, as well as have a better understanding of global health research, the social factors that create and propagate health disparities, and especially the global need for access to effective and affordable healthcare.
As a medical student at the UCSD School of Medicine and being a student at the GHAC track, I will be able to improve my clinical experience and mentored research in Global Health. This opportunity will allow me to engage with the global health community and be able to address the many health disparities currently present.

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