Becoming A Marine Biologist, The Natural Beauty Of The Oceans Ecosystem Essay

Becoming A Marine Biologist, The Natural Beauty Of The Oceans Ecosystem Essay

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Ten years from now I hope to accomplish my dream goals or be striving towards those goals. The phrase “dream goals” can entail a million little easily accomplishable things, such as making it through the day in one piece or a far fetched goal such as going into outer space. For me, my main goals or “dream goals” that I am currently striving for are career based, and that goal is to one day become a successful Marine Biologist that specializes in cetaceans, more commonly known as marine mammals, while also trying my hardest to converse the natural beauty of the oceans ecosystem. Becoming a Marine biologist may not be the most financially sound job, or even an easily achieved career, but for me it is not about the money or the easy way. Would I prefer that I have a high income? Yes. Would I prefer to strive for a job that is not so competitive and limited? Of course. The problem is that I fell in love with the ocean and its creatures lurking underneath a long time ago, whether others can tell or not.
This love for the ocean, its creatures and dream of becoming a Marine Biologist did not spark out of no where, my father is the first ignited my interest in the field because he, himself was extremely fascinated by the ocean as well. When I was younger, my father was an avid diver, going out on the dive boat every weekend possible to take photographs while dragging my mother and I along for the ride. I was not one to complain though, because it meant going to the beach just about every weekend during prime diving season. The photographs that he took under water are what truly inspired me to hopefully get involved into marine sciences. The photographs were captivating; the different shades of blue and the variety of colors emitting f...

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...culation Agreement or Bilateral Agreements the state of North Carolina has in place. When I first arrive at a university I should already be taking Junior level classes and began to focus my studies more towards marine sciences and conservation biology.
For now my dream still lives as i am striving for it every day in school. Challenging myself with difficult courses, studying hard and getting ahead of the game. I cannot really do much else other than challenging myself in school because Jamestown is not the most convent town for marine science majors. I keep my self invested in certain areas of marine science though, such as keeping my self up to date on the contra verse at Sea World and writing paper on the subject of cetaceans when allowed. You could even just look at part of the material things I have and tell that the ocean is still a big influence in my life.

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