Essay on Becoming A Makeup Artist Through My Secondary Schooling

Essay on Becoming A Makeup Artist Through My Secondary Schooling

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Fashion has always been a way of self expression. Through clothing, shoes, makeup, and even hair, I have always had a passion to express myself through an exterior appearance. This is true from my lavender hair in September to my desire of becoming a makeup artist through my secondary schooling. I decided to be the president of the high school’s fashion club to be able to share this passion with those around me and enjoy it with them. Through coordinating fashion club I was able to connect people with a common interest, those who otherwise would not have met. In this process I was able to learn a lot about myself, managing groups of people and situations, and the struggles of being affiliated with a company as well as the school itself. In this I am able to understand the connection between my interests and my future.
I am an organizer and in this I find great pleasure, pulling out my planner every month and making lists, crossing out lists is the best. For example, my first learning goal was to learn how to plan club meetings. This was by far my favorite goal I set for my project. This meant I had to gather supplies, get permission, create posters, stay in budget and keep paperwork organized, as well as stay within deadlines. I found this the easiest and most joyful. Though at first it was difficult because I was counting on myself to complete everything, after I began to understand the place of my cabinet I was then able to deviate much of the tasks. When each meeting came I was able to feel relieved as everything was in place and ready. This allowed for each meeting to be stress free and everything was simply ready. These meeting have consisted of planning meetings such as a back to school meeting, and discussing the masquerad...

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...ense of confidence and feel as managing a group of artist backstage either in a high fashion or movie scene is what I will strive to be in life. My current career interest will carry me to complete my eleven month secondary education program, the Global Program, at Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver B.C., where I will be certified in various makeup artist required certifications as well as be en route to being a member of the makeup union and become a strong candidate for employment in a variety of jobs.
Now that I have completed my senior project, and in reflecting on my project I am able to confidently say I am better able to manage as well as that I have chosen a career path that coincides with my interests. I am looking forward to going out into the world and sharing this passion with even more people, and to be able to inspire those around me through my expression.

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