Becoming A Language Teacher Is A Valuable Tool Essay

Becoming A Language Teacher Is A Valuable Tool Essay

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Becoming a Language Teacher is a valuable tool, which provides a practical guide to the skills and knowledge needed by teachers to address the diverse needs of language learners. Today, mainstream classroom teachers work with learners with a diverse range of backgrounds and therefore teachers face multiple challenges; they need to teach content-area curriculum while at the same time supporting students ' language development. Thus, what makes the second edition of the book stands out is that it addresses both the academic and language needs of language learners, and it supports novice language teachers at the beginning of their teaching careers. Its goal is to help teachers become creative, competent, supportive and up-to date language teachers that they want to be and that their students deserve.
The tone used by the author is both supportive and warm; and it is evident that thorough research was conducted before putting it together. I think this gives the book much needed credibility, especially since the author has been successful in paying attention to details. The book does not rely on mere generalizations; Horwitz conclusively explains the issues of language teaching and second language acquisition. Among the important issues the book addresses in detail are: planning lessons, increasing the chances of academic success for language learners, determining if the learning process is effective, using technology to teach language effectively, as well as, teaching language and content material concurrently. The book also discusses the role of classroom situations in helping readers/teachers make instructional decisions in their own teaching settings. The result is a lucid and useful perspective regarding second language learning.

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...elps teachers/readers comprehend key concepts relating to language teaching and learning. From my point of view, this critical tool and practical guide is a must-read for both pre-services and novice language teachers. The sections of the book have been summarized effectively to facilitate self-evaluation and reflection for teachers. This also ensures that the book can serve as a quick point of reference for teachers whenever need arises. Overall, even though the focus of the book is TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), the book’s content can be helpful in various teaching situations. In my opinion, Becoming a Language Teacher, is successful in explaining that there is no single right way of teaching or learning language, and it is evident that the author succeeds helping teachers understand and apply the fundamental concepts of language teaching.

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