Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator Essay

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator Essay

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I was sitting in the old rickety chair that looked as if it had been there for five years. The smell of gunpowder hung in the morning air as I leaned over the rifle rest. My finger wrapped around the trigger as my eye focused through the scope of my grandfather’s Springfield ’03. I took a deep breath and let half out. My finger tightened on the trigger as I awaited the recoil and crack of the gunpowder igniting. Finally, when my finger’s pull was enough to move the trigger, the gun went off. Moments like this are why I love shooting guns.
With my experiences from the gun range, I became interested in the show CSI Miami. The character of Calleigh Duquesne, one of the Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) on the show, intrigued me. She is the ballistics expert. Her job is to investigate crime scenes, testify in court, and work with firearms every day. This job would fit well with my interests in guns.
My grandfather introduced me to guns when I was about 10 by letting me shoot his .22 caliber pistol at the local gun range. He was a Florida Highway Patrolman for 30 years. He loves collecti...

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