Becoming A Civilized Person Required An Education Essay

Becoming A Civilized Person Required An Education Essay

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Becoming a civilized person required an education about the world around us. One must obtain an education to live in today’s society and live in America. Typically, the average school system consists of elementary school starting at five years old for six years, then middle school for three years, and finally high school for four years. During these years, a student gains an understanding of the world around us and how to live in a high-functioning society. While many children around the world do not have the guaranteed privilege of receiving an education, I was fortunate enough to go to school. The education I received was not perfect; I was faced with countless assignments and assessments that challenged me and often brought stress and pressure to my life. My first education endeavor started with elementary school.
Elementary school is always the start of any formal education. At five years old, I was excited about going to school for the first time and was anxious to begin learning. About 25 children were grouped into single classes, where one teacher would instruct all subjects. While being used to play all day long and not having any responsibilities, elementary school was the start of a new lifestyle for me. Now, I had a schedule set for me and I had to concentrate on learning. Elementary school prepared me to start taking on responsibilities by having small assignments and class work. Also, being around the same children for a school year enabled me to make new lasting friends. On the other hand, elementary school failed to assess my creativity or individuality. In a full class with only one teacher, it was easy to blend in with the other students and not stand out to anyone. Conformity felt like the biggest issue in ele...

... middle of paper ... education.
With receiving an education, I feel as though I am ready to live on my own and experience the world. I am knowledgeable about different subjects and am prepared to start working towards my career goal. While the education experience I received from elementary school and middle school was mediocre, I believe that my high school experience could have been more effective in regards to my education. If I were not required to take specific courses, I would have had the opportunity to take more classes that were centered around my interests and future goals. Also, if classes included more engaging activities and avoided sedentary learning, more students would be interested and focused in their classes. My education was not perfect, however I believed that I have made the most of it. I am confident that my education will provide a strong basis for my future.

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