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I have chosen to perform Because of You for my assessment song this term, I feel this song is sung well with my type of voice and works well within a Musical Theatre/Pop genre, thus making is suitable to use for auditions.

The story of the original song is quite complex, it focuses on a young mother looking back at her childhood and in particular her Father, how he leans on her and projects all of his issues onto her even though she is too young to deal with them all. She clearly understands it more as she's grown up and realised whats happened to her, her father has emotionally abused her, she expresses this with the line “you should have known better than to lean on me”. The character of the father in the original is obviously troubled. He is someone who can’t deal with his issues and uses the happiness of others to make himself feel better. The little girl has obviously had a bad childhood because of this, feeling that she is unable to trust any one and let anyone into her life emotionally, she states “Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me, because of you I am afraid”. Her father treated her that bad when she was younger that she is afraid of life and afraid to trust anyone. She later talks about her she “heard you cry every night in your sleep” I can only imagine that as a young child it must have been frightening for her to hear her father screaming in his sleep and having nightmares!

I started to think about how this story could be changed, the song could relate to someone’s past relationship, possibly a boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend. He might of had a lot of issues with himself, possibly a mental disorder, thus meaning that he put a lot of pressure on his partner, making it stres...

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...I would focus on each issues and let people know that certain sorts of things are normal to go through (i.e sexuality and pressure on drugs) but that other things, like emotional and physical abuse, aren't things that are to be ignored and you must speak up about them. There just isn't enough support nowadays for adults going through these sorts of things let alone teenagers.

In conclusion, The musical would suit theatre in education more than it would the west end, from the stories and issues it addresses it appeals more to helping people get through things and providing support than just having a random story. I think it would do a lot better. Keep the cast young as they are easier to relate too as a teenager and its more believable. The set, characters and costumes would be kept simple and Brechtian as to not distract away from the important topics discussed.

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