Beauty Through Social Medi Beauty Essay

Beauty Through Social Medi Beauty Essay

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Melissa Piche
Professor Thompson
Writing 1020F
February 23rd 2016
Beauty through Social Media

Beauty is understood in many different ways, all over the world. For as long as humans have co existed, beauty has played very important roles through out history. It has always been a subject of discussion, we can even relate it to the infamous Trojan war, on the most important events in Greek mythology. This war has been narrated simply because of he beauty of a women, such a beauty that other men couldn’t bare to loose. As times past by in the human evolution we gained the knowledge of the use of technology which is now evolving with in humans needs. Since the past decade, the enlargement of technology has knowingly improved, from Samsung to Iphones and portable devices that enrich the media, they help endless forms of communication between followers and brands seen on the media. The use of Social media is becoming more prominent in society; its use for almost anything, from online shopping to following tips for a wealthy life style to keeping up with the latest trends. As much as humans deny the impact and the utility of social media in their daily life, it alternates their visions on beauty. The use of standards in social media modify perceptions on both women and me. The media has helped mold the perception of the beauty people hold on to. They start to believe that the concept of beauty is the one they advertise rather than the one in the subconscious mind. Slowly but surely the media has alternated with the idea of the self image. Each seasonal trend or style that comes out into the market or is shown on social media, gives a new meaning and influence onto what is to be expect of the self image. As the fashion industry targets ...

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... high standards when it comes to beauty. Charles Wright Mills believe that the opinions of those around us will always be significant when it’s a matter of perceiving ourselves, but once we start to feel uncomfortable in our skin, the opinions of others will only be positive to our growth and self love. Therefor fashion should be the self image of ones individuality not mirror images of what society expects it to be.


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