Beauty Sleep And The Perceived Health, Attractiveness Of Sleep Deprived People

Beauty Sleep And The Perceived Health, Attractiveness Of Sleep Deprived People

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In recent years, there have been studies on beauty sleep and the perceived health, attractiveness of sleep deprived people. Researchers try to ascertain what happens to individuals when they get a good nights sleep and when they are sleep deprived. What happens to the body when it doesn’t get a full nights rest? It is known that when the body is at rest and in deep sleep, it will restore itself. If someone doesn’t get a full nights rest, they didn’t give their body a chance to repair and the person will appear to look unhealthy. "Poor sleep also equals slower cell turnover, which leaves your skin less glow-y, and can accelerate the signs of aging. In the deepest stages of sleep, your body goes into full-on restoration mode, secreting growth hormones that work to repair damaged cells. Not enough deep sleep means not enough growth hormones and not enough cell repair."(Denise) It is common knowledge that having a full nights rest has positive effects to the body, but does this positive effect also reflect according to the persons appearance? Are people able to perceive that someone is sleep deprived or not?
In order to find this out, the researchers selected a control group of 23 healthy sleep deprived adults for the study. The age range of the participants was between 18 to 31 years of age, there were 12 men and 11 women (the mean age was 23). There was originally 24 participants (12 men and 12 women), one of the women failed to participate on the conditions of the study. "We also excluded smokers and those who had consumed alcohol within two days of the protocol. One woman failed to participate in both conditions".(BMJ) In the study there were another group of 65 untrained observers whose main objective was to rate the faces of t...

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...ervers "(mainly students at the Karolinska Institute, mean age 30 (range 18-61) years, 40 women)"(BMJ) that were required to look at photographs of the 23 sleep study participants. The observers who were unaware of the study were required to rate the participants by attractiveness, health, and tiredness in 6 second intervals to prevent the memorization of the face. "Sixty five observers rated each of the 46 photographs for attractiveness, health, and tiredness: 138 ratings by each observer and 2990 ratings for each of the three factors rated. When sleep deprived, people were rated as less healthy (visual analogue scale scores, mean 63 (SE 2) v 68 (SE 2)), more tired (53 (SE 3) v 44 (SE 3)), and less attractive (38 (SE 2) v 40 (SE 2); P(BMJ) The perceived health and attractiveness of the participants sleep deprived photos decreased and the look of tiredness increased.

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