Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay

Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay

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However, pageants have the capacity to be a negative experience. For some girls, beauty contests can make them become shallow and conceited (“Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons List”). On top of that, girls become jealous of others and develop unhealthy behaviors like various eating disorders, low self esteem, anxiety, fear of social interaction, and even drug usage ("MBGN and other beauty pageants should be banned"). Some competitions require participants to crash diet. This allows women to rapidly lose weight in order to accommodate tiny performance costumes and display thin waists for swimsuits. Girls may even consume only mass amounts of sugar for days on end to stay enthused and energetic (Villines). Many find themselves in a depression if they lose. Such an intense emphasis on outer beauty isn’t healthy for younger girls (“Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons List”). Terri Cole Graham, a former beauty pageant competitor, shares her self-image struggles, “I remember precisely when I began hating my own body at just eight years old- when I perceived that I was shorter and “thicker” than other girls my age. This lead to body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia and athletica bulimia. I thought I was so ugly as to be quite literally deformed. I wallowed in self-loathing and questioned why God would create someone so ugly” (Graham). Pageants teach girls that skinny is pretty, however, ‘skinny’ on differing body types is harmful and damaging to health. Discouraging self-images form when young women try to conform their bodies to what is ‘beautiful’ in the pageant world ("MBGN and other beauty pageants should be banned"). Around the world, girls are fed images of what beauty is. A typical model stands with a stature of five feet and ten inches tal...

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...ght would be justified in spending 72 % of her time (that is, the time that she invests in her appearance) only on losing weight; or a girl whose clothes don 't usually complement her complexion would be smart to spend 8 % of the time she invests in her appearance on shopping for clothes that work well with her look (or on earning extra money for that specific purpose). Obviously, no one is going to count the minutes or hours. The point, though, is that some things are worth spending more time on than others. Don 't waste your time worrying about your eyelashes (1 %) when you are overweight (42 %) - go to the gym” ("Feminine Beauty Is Highly Controllable"). Factors like this show how quickly a woman can be judged. They even promote doing everything within one’s power to appear more beautiful for the very judgement of others ("Feminine Beauty Is Highly Controllable").

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