The Beauty Of Natural Beauty Essay

The Beauty Of Natural Beauty Essay

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Natural beauty is seeing a contemporary renaissance, as green-based beauty brands become popular among consumers seeking products that fit into their health-conscious lifestyle. On the shelf, naturals remain only a small sector of the beauty industry, but the category continues to carve out space in green grocers, specialty boutiques and recently, mass retailers.
High-end boutiques devoted to natural beauty products--made without harmful ingredients or synthetic ingredients--are sprouting up across the country. Detox Market in L.A. and Toronto, CAP Beauty in NYC and Credo Beauty in San Francisco are already being called the Sephora and Bluemercury of natural beauty. They 're featuring brands like One Love Organics, Fig + Yarrow and Juice Beauty, brands that offer a luxurious but healthy experience.
Indie darlings with cult-like followings like Tata Harper, W3ll People and RMS (the brand that will be discussed in this write up) are already highly trendy among cosmetic and skincare aficionados, proving that green beauty can deliver conventional beauty aesthetics. Besides their own distribution channels and boutiques, traditional beauty retailers like Sephora, Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus are picking them up.
RMS is just one of the beauty brands fittingly seamlessly into the health and wellness trend, but based on its history, dedication to advocating for women, and development by a well-known makeup artist, it can easily be given the title of leader of the pack. Read on to learn about the nuances that make it a best-in-class example of the trend.

Rose-Marie Swift, the creator and founder of RMS Beauty has been a make-up artist in the industry for over 35 years. Her work has been featured in global issue of Vogue and o...

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...s, RMS beauty is dedicated to changing the way people use makeup. RMS uses ingredients to their full potential and only sources the safest and highest quality ingredients. The products are GMO-, gluten-, soy- and nano-free and are not tested on animals. They are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state. This nuance came from Swift’s experience with nutrition and being a raw foodist.
The commitment and ingredients and process RMS uses is yet another reason the brand is a stand out among other so-called natural cosmetic lines. According to, an online platform dedicated to safe and organic beauty products, a majority of ingredients used for natural cosmetics are actually refined, clarified and heated to high temperatures, meaning the ingredients are no longer natural and are equivalent to man-made.

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