The Beauty Of Love Is Universally Accepted By Many People Essay

The Beauty Of Love Is Universally Accepted By Many People Essay

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The Beauty of Love
“Love is universally accepted by many people and the concept of love within the English language refers to a variety of different approaches, states and attitudes, ranging from pleasure to interpersonal attraction.” (Kendrick 123) My characterization of love encourages the intimate emotion I partake for my family. The distinct connection that we fashioned and the invaluable moments that we consolidated. In the perceptive of a mother, my children are my supremacy and the greatest blessing of my lifecycle. They’re my inspiration and motivation to continue progressing and becoming the best at what I do. With that in mind, Love relics your outlooks and approaches the linkage they become associated with. Consequently, this condition can fluctuate over a period of a specific time. Additionally, depending on your situation, your perspective on love can be an altering affect, creating a stable or inconsistent assessment. Furthermore, causing your love to intensify, decline, or even cease. Love in its essence, stands justly powerful and the beauty of it advances, eventually overcoming all.
Religion and the love for the higher power can display one’s faith for the unexplained. Many believe that God is the source and essence of eternal love. In fact, “Christianity is a religion of love because Jesus reveals God to be the Ultimate Love.” (The Rev. Lowell Grisham) In addition, numerous believed that being in union with god, ourselves and others, is the foremost objective in forming heavenly love. For this reason, by practicing good faith regardless of the religion, commands basic principles and stresses essential ethics. In religion, love can be professed as expression of morally pure attitudes, giving a meaning to life, ov...

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...ery activity of coming to understand love is itself a development, a unification, an act of love.” (Lear p.13) The revelation of love rests in the atmosphere, evolving to an identifiable form, distinctively molded to fit each individual. Creatively fastening itself in place, and casting a dreamlike fairytale capable of reaching.
Love honors the supremacy of each soul. Surrendering yourself to this dynamism, strikes unpredictable and undeniably. All forms of love are a kind of passionate commitment, the ability to cultivate and improve, bestowing itself unavoidable. Becoming a reflection of our fears and desires, attaching an overshadowing sensation unable of restraining. The capacity to experience any form of love becomes an obsession, overriding barriers and impediments withstanding. A journey to discover the truly enchanted feeling, and greatest emotion of all.

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