The Beauty Of A Free Thinking Mind Essay

The Beauty Of A Free Thinking Mind Essay

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The Beauty of a Free Thinking Mind
Over the decades, American culture’s opinion regarding secondary education has significantly altered. In the eyes of society, secondary education is not only encouraged, but necessary if one desires a successful and rewarding future. Secondary education is proven to be worthwhile regarding an individual’s prospective career, but the lessons that are learned outside of the syllabus are what makes an individual flourish in the real world. If students are considered more than wastebaskets for knowledge, and are treated like astute learners by their educators, they will be more likely to think for themselves and form their own opinions about the world they live in. Not only will they will learn how to think for themselves, but they will discover what this really means in terms of perceiving the world around them. Paulo Freire, Andrew Hacker, and David Foster Wallace propose intriguing ideas behind the concept of a student’s ability to think freely. They discuss how students should be perceived by their educators, the importance of student/teacher relationships, and how students should use their newfound education to determine what learning how to think really means. It is vital that individuals learn how to think for themselves. To ensure that individuals have the ability and knowledge to do so, they need to be seen as able minded learners from early childhood, have satisfactory relationships with their educators, and know how to use their education to think wisely after they ascend form secondary education into real, adult life.
In “The “Banking” Concept of Education”, Paulo Freire suggests the idea that students are more than wastebaskets for knowledge. Freire discusses how a student’s education ...

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...ships with their professors, and they have to know how to use their education to think wisely after they have received it. Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education” highlights the importance of how educators treat their students. The banking concept illustrates how educators oppress their students just because they have more knowledge. This is no way to inspire students to learn. Andrew Hacker points out solutions to fix the oppression of students in his interview with Tony Cox. Hacker believes educators need to rethink why they’re teaching students. If they’re teaching solely because they have tenure, or because they’ll be able to take sabbaticals to focus on their research, they should rethink being an educator. Students need enthusiastic educators to have a valued education that will give them the knowledge they need to flourish into free-thinking adults.

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