Essay Beauty Is The Ultimate Advantage

Essay Beauty Is The Ultimate Advantage

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Although it is fundamental to human nature to be attracted to physical beauty and this beauty deserves to be recognized, the extent to which we as a society value it and hold it accountable for success in life inaccurately leads us to believe beauty is the ultimate advantage in life. The aspiration to possess physical beauty today drives people, especially women, to go to extremes in the hope of finally being beautiful enough to satisfy the expectations of others, especially the media.
Humans are naturally attracted to beauty, especially in other humans. The reason for this is our subconscious desire to extend our own lineages into the future. Beauty plays into this because beautiful people are treated better than those society deems less beautiful. Thus, if our children are beautiful, they will have a higher probability of success in their own lives. The youthful equivalent of beauty is cuteness and the cuter a child is perceived to be, the more they will be touched, held, and talked to throughout their childhoods. These actions communicate a sense of inclusion and affection to the child. A child whom develops within this context will naturally be inclined to treat others with kindness because that is how they were reared. Beautiful children will also develop better social skills from an early age because they are more comfortable with human interaction than their counterparts. The education system reinforces this improved development of attractive children because teachers have proven to help and call on them with greater frequency. This underscores the claim that humans are fundamentally attracted to beauty because teachers are taught to treat their students without favoritism but they subconsciously are partial towards the...

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...lthough it is natural for humans to be drawn to physical beauty, societal expectations today hold beauty in too high of esteem. The emphasis on the human form in the media and in the public sphere puts an immense amount of pressure on people to fit the cultural model of beauty. Beauty does not guarantee happiness, or acceptance, or success; even though that is what we are enculturated to believe. This notion of beauty is comparative though and that is where the problem lies in regards to how society treats attractiveness. Beauty is individualistic; humans are individually beautiful to some extent, even if it does not align with society’s expectations. The media is a proponent of the comparative definition of beauty, forcing people today to compare themselves with airbrushed models whom have a singular purpose in life: to be beautiful for the pleasure of others.

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